2017: Let's get social.


It has been almost THREE YEARS I have lived and worked in NY and since I graduated college. Time has zoomed past and am amazed I'm still hanging around and on my feet. Every now and then I like to write about my experiences, hardships, and successes to share with friends and family, but I'm thinking of being a bit more public in this next season!


In the beginning of 2016, I was primarily working freelance as I was finishing up assisting for Daniel Castro (Sky Pie Studio), where we were making the wildest GIFS and shorts for Refinery29, Facebook, IBM, Veuve Clicquot, and more. I got to try my hand out in hand lettering, producing, digi-teching in DragonFrame (a new experience for me), making sets out of paper, illustrating storyboards, and making project proposals. Working with Daniel gave me incredible experience working with larger clients- seeing how it is both terrifying and incredibly exciting at the same time. 



But the freelance life was a struggle. I was getting jobs, but was just barely paying my bills. I was trying to think about taxes as a contractor, but every penny was going to my groceries, and laundry, and toothpaste. Not to mention, seeing my retirement get pushed further and further away (hah..) Plus, this was the first time that I wasn't relying on steady income. I was riding waves of excitement and anxiety. Saying you are a freelancer sounds way more glamarous than it is. And at this point in my career, I didn't have many networks in NY, so trying to build those connections and find work was exhausting. Yes, my schedule was more chill and flexible working from home, but I couldn't let go of the "I always can do more" mentality. I also struggled with getting motivated in the mornings to wake up early and start working from home- so I started reaching out to other work-from-home friends for advice and started to try and build a healthy routine.

Sometimes you have to step back and realize that you can never enter a new job and be incredible at it from the start. It takes time, and work, and discipline. I'm 24 gosh dang it. This is the beginning. And the beginning is exciting. I'm developing routines, I'm making mistakes, and I'm learning. 





After about 10 months of freelancing, my friend (and design extrodinare) Kath Nash, told me that I should apply for a part-time photographer position at Greatist. After feeling pretty burnt out on freelancing, I was excited for a new experience. I applied and got the position and went to town creating content for all sorts of brands and themes, all the while getting to work with an art team. I got to work with Target, Tobys Estate, Reebok, with well-known trainers and personalities, and this time getting to be behind the camera. I've been there for almost one year now, but am working now as a freelancer for select jobs so I can still have time to invest in print/portrait editorial work as well. 




This year I was also introduced to The Great Discontent and Brooklyn Magazine! After being a fan of TGD for years, I got to start working with them in February, shooting their amazing live events/podcast, as well as taking portraits every now and then for their interviews online. A definite highlight to my year, and a project I am proud to be a part of. Plus, if you haven't checked out their gorgeous magazine, pick up yourself a copy! And Brooklyn Magazine was another amazing company to get to work with. SO..I *officially* live in Queens, JUST over the Brooklyn border line, but I feel like most everything I do resides in Brooklyn. So, getting to shoot for a magazine that represents our city rocks. They have been incredible to work for and checked off a HUGE bucket goal. My first printed photos were in Brooklyn Magazine, and I couldn't have been happier. I love print. 






So, here we are to the present. 

And, I've decided to freelance once again. The last time,  I told myself freelance wasn't for me, but this time I have a whole new set of experiences, skills, and energy to put my best foot forward. I'm currently changing up my look (*new logo and branding coming soon!!!*), changing my approach, changing my morning routine, and changing my outlook.


Things I'm trying this year/ Goals:

Switching from Mint to Quickbooks.


Putting a workout into my routine most days.

Making more coffee at home vs. going out.

Keep being involved in the Independent Magazine scene (Maybe try my own Zine this year).

Starting an on-going side project (More to come on this).

Be comfortable using After Effects // Learn beginning coding.

Not using my phone in my bedroom AT ALL. (I got this idea and so much more from My Morning Routine!)

Complete rebranding

Reach out to new Magazines!

Teach a photoshop class

Be more public on social (ANOTHER HARD GOAL, but! I want to use instagram and my site better this year)

Learn how to promote myself without feeling weird.  


So that's it! I will be documenting my journey here and on Instagram for those who want to follow along.









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